Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tot School December 26-30

We didn't do that great with tot school this week. I had a really hard time just getting into the swing of things this week. Our theme this week was going to be snowmen. I will share the plans I had made and what we actually go to, so that if anyone gets more motivation than myself they will be able to do them.

Sensory Bin
Tinsel was not as big of a hit as I thought it would be. I'm not sure she really liked the way it felt, and she hated that it stuck to her. She took it all out of her temporary sensory bin and touched it for like a minute and then wasy done.

Tot Trays
*Snowman Letter S worsheet We didn't get to this, so we may do it next week.
*Family matching game. I printed pictures of Mommy, Daddy, and Bug and she had to match them up. This was too easy for her, so I need to make it a little harder next time. She did love it though!
*White playdough - Never got to this either.
*Contact paper build your own snowman:

She LOVED this and went back to it many times throughout the week (I left it out all of the time for her). I will try to do something like this each week since it seemed to be such a hit with her.

Creative Expression
*Fingerpainting - No pictures, She LOVES this. She prefers a brush though.
*Toilet paper roll circle painting - did not get to, would like to do next week
* Gluing cotton balls. She did not like getting the cottons ball fuzz stuck to her hands from the glue, and doesn't quite "get it" yet, but we will keep trying.

We had snowman pancakes this week too. I make a big batch and then freeze them, so I didn't have any perfectly round ones to use. They are orange tinted because I add sweet potato to them so Bug can get some extra veggies into her. If Bug wasn't screaming for them as it was, I would have added some powdered sugar to them before added the raisins and cheese it crumb nose. I couldn't think of anything for a hat, and couldn't really be bothered to do the scarf or arms though I am sure pretzel sticks would have worked perfectly for arms.

Frosty The Snowman
Snowmen at Night

Frosty the snowman

Gross Motor
We played outside in the snow (even brought some of it in when it was too windy to go out and play).

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