Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tot School - January 2-6

This week our theme was snowflakes.  We are beginning to get into more of a routine, but with the house still a little out of sorts makes it tricky.  Plus I have been feeling a little icky and unmotivated lately.
Tot Trays
Beading.  She did not spend much time on this at all.  I'm not sure if she was able to do it because she didn't really even try. 

She helped me make the playdough and had a lot of fun playing with it.  She is really big into transfering things right now, so I had to get out a second tray out just for her to move things back and forth.  
This morning I spilled eggs on my original plans and I am not even sure what the other two trays were supposed to be.  I know that one is the snowman Ss page from last week.  The other one I am pretty sure was the sticky window idea from last week which bug ripped down pretty early while I was busy in the kitchen.  No pictures of that, but the basic idea was to have a big white circle behind the contact paper and then I cut out "rocks" and a "carrot" to make up a face for the snowman. 

Gross Motor
Snowflake Hunt

She liked this, only she lost interest in it because while she was looking for more she would see something she wanted to play with and then forget about the snowflake.  She did well after she got the hang of it, and it was a really good way to test her comprehension of living furniture and objects. 

Speaking of living room furniture, I set up some shelves to house Bug's living room toys.  I love the way they look (and they are secured to the wall)!  I will be getting different baskets for it as I stole those from Bug's room since I haven't really gotten in there to organize yet.  Slowly but surely this place will get to the way I want.
*A toddler in my state just died after a dresser fell on him.  It happens often, and is so preventable. Please strap down furniture!!*

Art Projects
"Snowman" circle pictures

She liked the word circle more than the actual painting of it, lol!

Snowflake masking tape painting

Snowflake cheese quesadilla
Bug is teething and not eating very much (not that she ate much to begin with), so needless to say she wanted nothing to do with this.

I didn't focus on any books this week, we just had the books from last week out. 

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