Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tot School - December 20-23

Somehow Monday slipped by us without doing anything with Tot School!
Tot Trays:
Sorting Red and green bows.

This was to focus on opening and closing the jar. She has been carrying the package of small beads around for a while noew, so I thought it would be enough to motivate her. We are working on becoming more independent. While we were in between houses (ended up being for 2 months!!!!) we stayed with my parents. She learned quickly that if she whined she could get whatever she wanted from someone there. Since moving into our house (we have been here a couple of weeks now), the whining/grunting has decreases significantly! I didn't know how much more I could take of the whining!

* shaking boxes (no pic)

* snowman matching (no pic, but got from here)

So far this week we have done two art projects. If I think of it I will try to post pictures of the others that we will do this week.
We cut our own Christmas tree this year, and I saved some branches so that we could paint with them. She only mildly liked this, so I ended up giving her paintbrushes to use as well.
Hard at work decorating her gingerbread men. I was really surprised by how much she enjoyed this. We probably worked on this for a half hour or so. I got the foam pieces from the Target dollar section a while ago, and I put out puffy paint (ended up putting on a plate with brushes), glue, buttons and google eyes. She watched me as I showed her squeeze the glue and put my buttons in, and I helped her to squeeze her glue. She knew to put her buttons or eyes into the glue blobs. We will have to work on squeezing so that we can do more gluing activities.
They turned out so cute! I made one too, but I can't remember which one ;)
Art projects we have planned for the rest of this week:
*Paper plate wreath
*Applesauce/cinnamon ornament
*footprint tree
*handprint ornament (we did one for her last year too)

We made Christmas cookies too. I don't have any internet worthy pictures for that, sorry (I don't really want Bug's face all over the WWW).

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