Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tot School December 12-16th

Soon I will add how I do my planning, and what kinds of things I plan for each week. I am still in the beginning stages of Tot-School and we have just moved, so I am sorry if these posts seem simple, or my house looks sloppy. It will get better, the playroom (office/playroom/storage/guest room) is just not on the top of the priority list just yet.

I tried to do as much of a Christmas theme as possible. I don't have the resources right yet to get too creative, but I was able to throw these things together.

One of the art projects we did this week was to decorate Christmas Trees. I forgot to take a final outcome picture, but they turned out so cute and I have them up on my cupboards for decoration.

This is the makeshift storage I have for the trays. When the cable guy came he was soooooo thoughtful to leave like 10 foot of cable wire (you can see it underneath the black shelves), so I have to deal with it for now, lol.

This week's tot trays:
Gems with cups and a spoon.

Sorting red and green pipe cleaners.

Lacing. I used the ends of some tulle I happened to have around for the "beads." Since this is brand new for her I wanted it to be fairly simple. It turned out to be really easy for her.

Lacing. She never actually let it go down on the string, it just sat on the pipe clearn like that resting on her hand.

She carried these gems back and forth. She did a lot of play using the cups, but didn't realy know what to do with the spoon.

We did some sensory play in soapy water. She just got a Kitchen Helper as an early Christmas present and has been loving it! It has turned out to be a great gross-motor activity as she spends a lot of time going up (Bup, as bug calls it), and down.

She got right to work mixing all of the colors, then spent another good amount of time collecting all of the paint brushes. She did get some paint on the paper, some on purpose, but mostly on accident, lol.
This is what she thought about this tray, lmao! She wanted nothing to do with it whatsoever. Ha ha, you win some, you lose some I guess. Stay tuned as I have pics from this weeks tot trays all ready to go!

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