Tuesday, December 20, 2011


As I get more organized I will have these more filled out, but this is what I am doing so far for planning. I get a lot of my ideas from pinterest (what did I do before Pinterest?).
I have no idea how to upload this as a file that you can use, but if anyone wants it, I can email it to you. It is fairly easy, so I can imagine it's easy to duplicate, or personalize.
The bottom two sections are for "songs" and "gross motor." Not sure why they don't really show up in the image, but hey at least it is up there. I haven't really had much for sensory bins so far because we just aren't set up to accomodate it yet, and Bug's sensory table is still in the storage unit. I have been trying to do bathtub sensory fun lately to make up for it (shaving cream, bubbles, I am going to make some bath paint I saw on pinterest, and pudding paint to come).

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