Saturday, January 28, 2012

Tot School - January 23-27

I am now linked up to the Tot School blog!  Check it out!

I took a little blogging break and a tot school theme break (we still did some tot school, they were just really random and last minute).  We were back at it this week though and Bug had a lot of fun with her "Tah-coo."
Tot Trays
Counting conversation hearts.

Checking things out.

I know this is way beyond her, but I just wanted her to see the idea played out.  She watched me count them out, then she put a couple in each circle, then she did not get near it again for the rest of the week.

Transferring crystals into ice cube tray.

She really liked this one, but couldn't figure out the tongs.  I know they are a little out of her reach right now, but I like to challenge her, and she did try to use them.
Putting heart erasers into container.

Sorry this is so dark, she was faster than my flash, lol.  Each time we tried this she would only put one in, but then try and shove more in, get frustrated and then move on to something else.  Patience is not something she has much of...

Beading a necklace.

This was her favorite part and once I let her do it once, she was not about to use that string again.
Valentine's day stickers.

Gross Motor
Pulling a string for the cat (this will keep her busy for a while)
Lots of dancing!
Hide and seek

Art Projects

Puffy paint on a heart cutout

 Heart stencil painting

Red toy bath time 
Red bath painting

Sensory Bin
Fun with red

Happy Valentine's Day, Curious George

Biscuit's Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day: A Sparkle 'n' Shimmer Book


  1. I love your ideas! I also have most of the books you listed in our collection from my classroom library. I'll be bookmarking your page since I'm trying to organize everything for Tot School for our soon-to-be 18 months old. How old is your little one? Thanks for sharing your ideas!


  2. Thanks Christine! My daughter turned 17 months on the 24th of January. So glad you are following :)

  3. Love all the fine-motor skills you are encouraging and bathtime learning! Great ideas! Stopping by from Tot School, Our Homespun Haven.

  4. Thanks Kat! Thanks for stopping in! Looks like great things are happening over at your blog too!