Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Here are the plans for next week when I will attempt to start up more of a routine with bug and have more activities planned.  It's a pretty basic planning board, sorry for not being fancy.  The plan is to have all of the paper things prepped Sunday so that everything is ready to go for the week.  I don't think we will get super strict about a schedule (it doesn't make sense to with a newborn on the way), but I plan to have this up on the fridge and cross off the activities we have done and jump around if need be.  We will have to go grocery shopping one day at least, and I was hoping we could go apple picking before this lesson, but it may be just as fun to go after.  We are going to a Golden Harvest Festival this weekend, so it will be a fun way to kick off the fall fun!  I am researching ideas for fall decorating too and may include a post with my finished product.  I have 2 shelves in the living room that would make a great way to display things, but I do miss having a great big mantal like in our last house.

There are so many great apple ideas out there on the web!  I can't wait to show pictures from our upcoming week of apples!

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