Saturday, September 15, 2012

All About me - Sept 10-15

We started in on our All about me theme this week.  We did not get to everything because we both had doctor's appointments on 2 different days, but Bug had a lot of fun doing the things that we got to.  The first line is songs that we enjoy that help her move specific body parts (aside from Friday's "find the K's").  Bug LOVES to dance!

We made a batch of flubber and since I wasn't sure how it would turn out exactly, I first introduced it in the bath tub.  Bug did not want to touch it at first, but was ok with using utensils with it.  She eventually did warm up to it and I decided it was not messy at all, so we started playing with it at the learning tower.  I have been really bad about water bottles lately and was finding caps everywhere, so I gave it some thought and decided it would make perfect face parts for our theme.  She didn't really "get" that these were faces, but she did love it regardless.

This is the name recognition and gluing activity.  She matched up the letters first and then got busy gluing them on.  I was super impressed with how well she did with this.  She loves gluing, so you may be seeing a lot of gluing activities coming up :).

I printed out a black and white photo of Bug and had her color it.  We talked about her hair color, eye color, and lip color.  If I thought about it ahead of time I would have had a mirror there also.  You can see how she was coloring her hair yellow here, and the eyes are already blue.

Our letter this week is K, so here is a bingo dot page we did.
Looking back at our plans, there is so much that we did not get to (I don't have a pic of the dancing, letter K search, or the favorite things collage).  I'm ok with that.  As long as Bug is entertained and I don't feel overwhelmed, then I consider it a win.  We can always come back to these activities, plus I am sure I will get better at using these ideas with our daily schedule.  Well, until Bean comes along in October!

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