Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day!

Had a really good Valentine's Day with my baby girl! 

We woke up and had some heart shaped pancakes.  They were really yummy!

We finally got her sensory table in her playroom (more on that in another post :)).  I filled it with water beads and some red gems.  She loved it!  Walmart didn't have any pink water beads, and I know the red ones stain, so I thought this would work best.

For Valentine's Day Katelyn got a fish!  She was so excited!  She helped me feed it, and then while I was cleaning up an area of her playroom for a sec she started shouting "Fish!" and then a loud crashing noise.  She picked the container up and it dumped all over the floor, fish and all.  After getting the fish back into some water, and sopping up some of the water, the fish was moved to a higher shelf where she isn;t able to reach it, which also means she can't seen it all that well either :(.  We will try it on a low shelf again soon.

We made heart cookies!  This was so much fun, and she remembered from when we made Christmas cookies how we use the cookie cutters and then put it on the tray.  Her favorite part was the sprinkles :)  She got impatient and just started smashing it into the cookies, lol.

We did this the other day, but it was very fitting to this post.

All in all it was a perfect day, with some extra surprises thrown in there too :)

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