Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tot School - Jan 30- Feb 3 - Valentine's Day

We are still working on hearts and the color red.  I just love red and pink :)  Bug was not really into tot-school this week.  We had one good day, then she requested "ta-coo" but really just meant she wanted the gems that I let her play with last week.  I plan on bringing those back out again this week since she is showing a big interest in them.

Tot Trays

Heart stick puzzles.  She mainly carried the sticks around.  I taped two sticks together so she would only have to put together three parts to make up the puzzle.  I showed her how, she put them all in her hand, then back on the tray, and didn't touch them at all for the rest of the week.

Size difference.  I bought 3 different sized heart shaped cookie cutters that were also on this tray.  We talked about big and small.  She prefers the word tiny, so we used that instead.  It wasn't really clear whether she "got it" but she didn't spend much time with this.

We talked a lot about this tray.  She did a really good job when I would hand her one at a time and then ask her to put it on the matching heart.  She made a few mistakes, but it's hard to tell if she did it on purpose because she thinks it's funny or not.  She did repeat every color after I said it though.

Art projects

Heart Dot art.  I made up a quick heart page to use for dot art.  She loved this and I had to print off a number of them for her.  She did a really great job putting them in the circles (she was way to excited to just do inside the circles though.

We got a water color set while at the dollar store recently.  She liked dipping her fingers in it the best.

Kool-aid playdough.  I made this with fruit punch kool-aid and am not in love with the way it smells.  I also had to add some food coloring to get it to look like this.  She always loves playdough and this is available on a tray for her to choose whenever.

She watched me coloring these and couldn't wait to get her hands on them.  She didn't really play with it as much as I thought.  I tried out some different manipulatives in it too, and her attention with it was always very short.  The sensory table should be coming this week, so maybe making it look better will help with her interest.

 We went to a museum over the weekend and Bug had a great time (we did too). 

This actually really frustrated her and she wasn't happy until she could hold the ball herself.  It was kind of busy so she couldn't hog this for long and that was hard for her to handle.  Poor girl :( I guess I will have to break out the beach stuff early.

She played at this water table for almost an hour and then came back to it later on.  She couldn't get enough of it.  She has a few duckies at home that she loves to play with also.  It was a cool table that had a fountain part and a slide for the ducks to go down.

Jumping on the bouncy bridge!

This was an art project area.  She was so excited to be up on this stool.  If I had this stuff out at home she wouldn't even touch it, but she spent a good amount of time here with it.

Her hair almost always this rooster tail when we go out because she rubs her head back and forth in her car seat, lol.  I eventually wet it down for her, but she was just too excited that I wanted to let her play first.

Her new way of eating raisons.  She's been doing this for a little while, but I can never get my camera out in time to catch it.  She is so funny!  I forget to mention how much I adore this little girl. :)


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