Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Just go with it :)

We did an science project the other day that she showed no interest in, so I then offered it into an art project, and she decided to turn into a cooking activity.  Typical, lol :) 
She could have cared less about the effect of the salt.

I offered to bring paints out and she seemed excited, but this was all that she actually painted.

She then requested some spices.  I got out some cinnamon and sprinkles with some cups.  She dumped the rest of the salt into the cups and went to town scooping and pouring - completely ignoring the ice altogether, lol.

I love pinterest.  I get so many ideas from there!  I decided to switch up our sensory play and made some cloud dough.  Instead of mineral oil, we used just regular cooking oil with flour.  It has been a huge hit!

It molds similar to wet sand.  It's a little more crumbly and doesn't come out of the molds easily, but maybe the original recipe works better.  Either way, she doesn't care and has spent hours playing in this.  It's not often that I find something that keeps her attention for very long, so I have been loving it!

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